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Immigration Lawyer FAQ

Immigration Lawyer Miami understands that our clients may have a lot of questions prior to choosing an immigration attorney and we are here to resolve any concerns you may have through our free, no-obligation consultation. We have also included a list of frequently asked questions we receive from clients on a regular basis. If you have any additional questions that are not covered on this list, or need further elaboration, please feel free to call us today at (305) 925-0228. We pride ourselves on being able to establish an open dialog with our prospective clients are glad to answer any questions they may have.

If a person is still married to the same spouse through whom he/she obtained a green card, then it is two years and nine months after receipt of the green card. If a person is not married anymore and married to a different spouse - then it is after four years and nine months.

There is a possibility you can adjust your status by marrying a US Citizen. An immigration attorney must look at your documents first and then advise you how to proceed. Under normal circumstances a person can adjust the status after being granted withholding of removal. Please consult with an immigration attorney.

While you can't merge the two applications into one in terms of responding to the RFE, you may (again) refile with a more carefully drafted application, as it sounds that there may well be a chance of making a sufficient showing for an approval. You'd want to have both the first application and the second application available for a review.

There are many different situations where a company can hire foreign employees. You have to consult with an immigration lawyer to review the exact situation and advise you accordingly.

If marriage is involved and you are a US Citizen, then he can apply for green card, if there are no other factors that can make him ineligible. Also, there are certain ways to satisfied income requirements.
If you have any additional questions, please call our Miami immigration law firm at (305) 925-0228.

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